For the shop staff, Customer satisfaction is the top priority. If the purchased products fail to meet your expectations, you can return them within 14 days from purchasing said goods. The undertaken payment will be returned to your bank account without any additional formalities.


Before collecting the parcel, check if it has not been damaged during shipment.

After collecting the parcel, you can open it in the presence of the courier. If there are visible damages of the outer layer of the parcel identifiable, check the condition of the products delivered with the courier and – if need be – fill in a damage protocol with him or her. The courier should have proper documents with him or her.

If the purchased goods have factory defects or are not in compliance with the description, then you should follow the complaint handling procedure discussed below:

  1. Send the faulty products to us and attach a description specifying reasons of complaint issuing, preferred compensation form, return address, and bank account to which money is to be sent (depending on the decision made by the shop owner). Faulty products are to be sent on Client’s expense.

    Address for sending the parcel:

    Girlana Swietlna
    Nowodworcowa 15 Street, 81-581 Gdynia, Poland
    Phone no.: +48736812848

  2. Within 14 days from parcel collection, we will inform you about the result of the complaint handling procedure via e-mail or phone.

  3. If the complaint is accepted, you will be compensated by: having the faulty product repaired, having a replacement sent, or having your money returned.

  4. If the complaint is rejected, then we will inform you about reasons of making such a decision and will sent you the goods back on our expense within 14 working days.

In the case of any doubts, please contact us at: or via phone: +48736812848. We will help you with the complaint issuing and handling procedures.


If you want to return the purchased goods:

  1. Fill in the "Agreement termination form", the paper template of which can be found at: Agreement termination form. The form shall be sent to us within 14 days to be considered valid.

  2. Send us the purchased goods back. Pack them properly in order not to be damaged during transportation. Shipment will be made at your expense.

    Address for sending the parcel:

    Girlanda Swietlna
    Nowodworcowa 15 Street, 81-581 Gdynia, Poland
    Phone no.: +48736812848

  3. Within 14 days, we will likely sent you an e-mail message informing you that the return has been accepted and that money will be sent to your bank account.

If the return is declined (due to notable product damages), we will send you an e-mail to inform you about the said fact. Within 7 days, we will return you the goods by sending them to you at our expense.