Light bulb garlands, garden lighting

Festoon light chains with LED lights that are available in our shop are perfect when it comes to illuminating outdoor parties, events and gatherings. They are the most commonly used decorative items, for they not only create a very special mood, but they are also very utilitarian in nature and can be used in a number of contexts. Sometimes, they are used not only outdoors but also to decorate living rooms and bedrooms with. It all depends on the creativity of the client.

Each and every festoon light chain can be adjusted to one’s own needs or to the specific interior. What is more, even the arrangement of bulb holders can be changed. They may be situated half a meter, a meter from one another…or different distances can be chosen! Thanks to that, you can adjust the amount of light and create a very specific atmosphere. Many bulb models allow for setting up light intensity, which grants a designer or the client even more freedom.

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