Festoon Light Bulbs 

Festoon light chains are equipped with E27 sockets, allowing for the use of various bulb types. You can always opt for typical ones characterized by the preferred light intensity, cover them with a heat-resistant material…or go for bulbs that are masterpieces themselves. Such unusual items are filament-based bulbs which are produced in accordance with the design proposed by Thomas Edison. If you are more interested in modern, intriguing solutions, we can always use LED festoon light bulbs – in your light chains – each and every individual light may be of different color, green, blue, red, yellow, or white for example. Our bulbs are also available in stunning shapes. They even may be twisted or oblong. LED light type can be adjusted basing on ambient temperature. Thanks to the implementation of tight seals, they may be taken advantage of even if humidity outside is remarkable. The utilized cable makes it possible to connect light chains in a serial manner, meaning that you can connect several meters of decorative lights to just one socket. As it can be seen, festoon light chains grant a multitude of interesting approaches to decoration. They are so effective on their own that you can forget about other aesthetic additions, for they will do the job just fine!

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